Company Profile

Diagnostech is a firm of Building Consultants, Engineers and Project Managers specialising primarily in ‘Remedial / Refurbishment Building Works’.

We are a small to medium sized consultancy firm and we pride ourselves in being very good at what we do – Remedial Building Consultancy. We are a team of specialist building consultants and structural engineers and we work mainly on remedial/refurbishment type projects. We have developed an excellent reputation for being very accurate in our diagnosis of building defects and have a proven track record in successful building defect rectification projects.

When it comes to Project Management we are known for being professional above all, and this is based on being able to work well with contractors, being knowledgeable about the myriad of remedial building methodologies and materials available, applying a personable approach to the relationship between client and contractor, and ultimately ensuring that the client receives value for money.

Our clients include Strata properties, Commercial property portfolios and Government clients.

Our services range from very basic one off reports for small strata lots to large scale defect claims and Project Management of multi-million dollar remedial works.

Dennis Stephenson is the Managing Director of the firm and is assisted by a highly qualified and supportive team.

Defect Diagnosis:

We are regularly engaged in the diagnosis of building defects including mainly structural defects, waterproofing defects and building facade related issues. Our expert opinion in these matters in particular are often called upon for resolving building disputes in the CTTT, NCAT, ACAT and Supreme Court matters.

Our team is very experienced in the field of facade engineering, waterproofing, heritage refurbishment, and structural defect rectification and are particularly skilled in the field of defect diagnostics and forensic engineering.


We are somewhat unique in the fact that we conduct most of our technical investigations in house. It is our belief that in order to specify repairs properly, we need to be involved in the physical investigations required to properly diagnose the issues at hand.

Our investigations include water penetration and leak detection testing, concrete testing, corrosion assessments, glazing system testing, coatings inspections and testing to name a few.

We also note that we have consultants fully trained to access your building via confined space entry and by rope access (abseiling) if required.


Preparing remedial building works specifications is our best attribute. Our specifications are very thorough and very prescriptive, they are not performance based scope of works that rely on the contractor to ultimately design the works. Our specifications are designed to minimise as best as possible the possibility of variations and to provide long term results. Our consultants work closely with our clients to ensure satisfaction with the project outcome.

Technical specifications should be drafted that prescriptively describes the work methodologies, standards of work, materials quality etc. The quality of the tender process and of the final works will definitely hinge on the quality of the specification.

Tendering/Cost Planning:

Having been involved with many hundreds of projects over the last fifteen years we are well aware of the costs associated with most project types. We have prepared cost budgets for many clients and have provided cost reports for court purposes. We have also administered many competitive tendering processes on behalf of our clients for jobs ranging from $5,000.00- $10,000,000.00.

Project Management/Superintendent Services:

The selection of an appropriate contractor to do the works is extremely important. We have developed good working relationships with a number of specialist remedial building firms and we would only recommend contractors who are known to us and who have previously demonstrated that they have the right resources and qualifications for the work at hand. Those contractors who have worked under our direction on previous projects recognise that we act fairly but we will only accept good quality workmanship. This reputation serves our clients well.